Exceptional Stroke Care for Greater Oklahoma City area Seniors

It can take seniors a lot of time and energy to recover from a stroke, which makes it all the more challenging for family members to take on the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent or loved one after a stroke occurs. That’s why Lifestar Home Care Oklahoma City area, OK, provides flexible post-stroke care for seniors no matter where it’s needed. Our compassionate caregivers go wherever they are needed, whether your loved one requires assistance from a nursing facility, hospital, or even his or her own home. Additionally, we provide as-needed stroke care to meet your loved one’s schedule, meaning your loved one can use our post-stroke services on either a live-in or hourly basis.

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Stroke Caregivers Oversee Safe Recovery

In addition to accommodating your loved one’s limitations around the house in terms of housekeeping, our trusted Greater Oklahoma City area caregivers see to it that your loved one recovers safely. This means that our caregivers safely monitor your loved one’s progress, assist with physical therapy, stimulate cognitive function, and offer assistance with dressing, bathing, and grooming. In this way, our post-stroke caregivers boost physical, emotional, and even mental wellbeing in an effort to expedite the recovery process in the safety and comfort of our clients’ homes.

Set Up a Free In-Home Consultation Today:

Part of what makes Greater Oklahoma City area Lifestar Home Care so beneficial is our accessibility. Our post-stroke caregivers are available any time of day or night to help your loved one recover quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our experienced Care Managers are available 24/7 to take your call, answer your questions and schedule a free no-obligation consultation. Contact us at 405.286.0388 today to learn more about our comprehensive post-stroke care and customize a care plan for your senior loved one.

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